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Jesuit Pilgrimage App — Italy 2021

We have been involved in the Jesuit Pilgrimage project from the very beginning, supporting the team at the Jesuit General Curia in Rome in all creative aspects of the project.

Our involvement began with marketing and UI/UX research, which allowed us to create not only the naming, branding and entire visual identity, but also the core functionality of the app, the marketing strategy and a wide range of promotional solutions.

We were also involved in creating the app’s content – photography and 360-degree photography.

Full range of services:

  • UX/UI research and graphic design of a prototype application
  • Preparation of photo and 360-degree photo content for the application (in Italy)
  • Cooperation with the development team in Croatia
  • Marketing research
  • Graphic design of branding and advertising content for social media and print
  • Design and development of a landing page
  • ASO graphic design
  • Copywriting and scriptwriting
  • Video production in Poland and Italy
  • Coordination of advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram (with up to 8.30 % CTR for ad set)

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