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Overnight Meeting

A film project for Pogłębiarka and Freedom is Near.

Nicodemus, a converted Pharisee, meets Jesus by night so that no one will know. He puts his reputation and position at risk. In the course of the meeting, however, he hears words he cannot comprehend.

Director/DOP: Mikołaj Cempla
Creative producer: Kamila Bonder
Script: Kamila Bonder, Aleksandra Jaromin, Dominika Mosoń
Cast: Robert Kibalski (Nicodemus), Łukasz Zubrzycki (Jesus)
Vocalists: Kamila Bonder, Aleksandra Jaromin, Dominika Mosoń
piano: Krzysztof Wojciechowski
vocal recordings: Kacper Kukier
mix & mastering: Mateusz Banasiuk
Set manager: Jakub Kusior
Gaffer: Marcin Cempla
Editing/Grading: Rafał Bańdura, Mikołaj Cempla
Sound: Jakub Bączyk
lingual and biblical consultation: Fr. Michał Karnawalski SJ
translation of the text (Hebrew): Matylda Matuszak
Costumes and set decorations: Kamila Bonder, Aleksandra Jaromin, Dominika Mosoń, Jadwiga Gabrysiak


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