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Have you ever considered
outsourcing communications?

Provide your institution with a set of communications services for a fixed affordable monthly fee, starting at 250 Euros.

Film & Video


Graphic Design


Social media

Outsourcing vs…

Your own team

✔ Good knowledge of the company

✔ All team members in one location

✖ You need multiple specialists for different fields

✖ You’re fully responsible for the recruitment, training, HR

✖ Scaling requires hiring or firing people

✖ You have to provide infrastructure and tools

Our outscourcing

✔ Long-term relationship – we don’t need to introduce each other every time

✔ Affordable invoice every month

✔ Many specialities available under one umbrella

✔ The cost of more extensive projects can be split into monthly instalments

✔ Flexibility of scaling – we can dedicate more resources to a demand

✖ Our film and photography team is limited due to some travel restrictions

Agency / Freelancers

✔ You pay one invoice

✔ Easy to hire, easy to fire

✖ One invoice… but usually an expensive one

✖ Each project – new people who need to learn about your institution

✖ Limited number of specialities

✖ Expensive long-term support

✖ Limited with travel restrictions

Why us?


5-star reviews and a solid portfolio

Out-of-the-box team

Pay for the creative services, not HR department

Scale easily

We can easily provide you with more manpower


We love what we do – forget sad corporate faces


Our professionals are fairly paid and insured. We operate from an EU country