Hi! I’m Mikołaj Cempla, owner of Human Stories. I create original film projects for business, non-profit industry, artists and more.

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My clients are satisfied

Sounds like something that everyone says. True. But I’ve worked very hard to achieve that. At every stage of cooperation, I explain the production process, I write my own, creative stories, plan reasonable schedules and budgets.  Besides, I’m probably a nice guy!

I combine film knowledge with PR experience

I managed social channels on a large scale, I’ve been creating communication strategies for non-profit and commercial entities. All my film projects are to help my clients achieving their goals, not just look great.

I’ve graduated a film school

So I learned filmmaking not only from some YouTube DIY videos. I understand film language. My graduation film was shot under supervision of Xavery Żuławski.

I believe in minimalism

I believe in minimalism. I do not hire a huge team until it is absolutely necessary. My rates are unlikely to ruin your budget!

All his work is outstanding, professional but most importantly extremely creative! I can’t wait to work with him again.

Daniel Kenny
Daniel Kenny
Jesuit Curia General in Rome

Mikołaj created some really excellent pieces. He was extremely organized in all of his communication and very easy to work with during shooting time. I highly recommend him!

Emily Nelson
Emily Nelson
Lee Abbey Devon

It was a fantastic experience. He has a strong balance of creativity, professionalism and is highly relational. He really listened to what we needed and used his talent and experience to create something powerful for us to share around the world. Don’t miss your chance to work with him!

Emma Holland
Emma Holland
Pray As You Go, London

Born in 1992, fan of Fellini, Jarmusch
and Sorrentino

My way to the film leads from passion, through education (Filmmaking at the AMA Film Academy), to practice. Since graduation I’ve worked as a director and videomaker for Polish and foreign institutions (Great Britain, Italy, Belgium).

In my work I combine filmmaking skill with experience in PR.

Not only do I produce the films, but also, in 90% of cases, I write the scripts or even deal with marketing strategies. I assist my clients with emission, copywriting and everything that what decides about the effectiveness of campaigns.

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Graduate film: Eden (2014)

Antek is a 19-year-old catholic teenager. His religious beliefs forbid him to have sex with his beloved Ewa. While he is trying to remain in premarital chastity, he meets a homosexual priest with unclear intentions.

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