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Wanted: Assistant / Junior Account Manager

Hi there,

Thanks so much for expressing your interest in working with us!

Since I received multiple applications, I’ve decided to write this short post on what kind of company we are, what plans do we have, who are we looking for and finally – what can we offer.

Who are we?

We’re a company called We aim to produce high quality videos and graphic design for companies, artists, non-profit institutions. Our specialty is to build our clients’ visual messages through human stories. For example, if we shoot a video for an IT company, we focus on the personal touch, on the people who work there and love their jobs, rather than presenting big numbers etc.

We encourage our clients to create a true emotional bond through their marketing / PR communication by using testimonies, personal stories and in case of graphic design – by a careful analysis of their clients’ needs, behavioral customs etc.

But of course, we don’t limit ourselves, we create many kinds of video productions.

The team

For now the team is just 2 people + freelancers who join us for particular projects.

Our clients

We work with many clients, like universities, educational institutions, IT companies, musicians, publishing houses but one of our main clients is the Society of Jesus (known as Jesuits) in the Vatican. This means if you work with us, you might be working with a religious organization and religious people, working in the fields of spirituality, ecology, human rights and education. Being Catholic is not obligatory but it’s required from you need to understand and feel comfortable about our client’s mission.

Our plans

We want to do much more projects and have more clients strictly in the field of film. This way we could grow and help everyone in the team develop their professional skills but also make better money!

Who are we looking for?

Till now we’ve found it very difficult to handle multiple clients. Just two people are not able to do that much, especially if there’s a lot of administrative work, communication with the client etc. I think a half of my work really is answering emails, doing some little things like posting on client’s social media or website. We want to focus more on big projects but we still have clients who need these “smaller services”.

Therefore, the person we’re looking for is a Polish and English speaker who can help us focus on shooting and editing videos by taking some other responsabilities:

  • Publishing posts using WordPress, formatting and choosing illustrations
  • Publishing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Creating PowerPoint presentations, Word documents
  • Simple graphic design using Canva
  • Answering emails
  • Putting files in order (we’ve got huge amounts of files to sort and archive)
  • Doing some file verifications (when clients send us files for editing)

You don’t need to know all that stuff but you have to prove you’re able to learn it.

Of course, this is not the full list, because we never know what kind of a project we’ll be doing the next day. 🙂

What’s the most important?

  1. We’re looking for a person who is willing to learn every day and really benefit from the wide range project types we’re doing.
  2. We’re a start-up and you just need to like this style of work, which is not in the office and not always about the same tasks.
  3. Some of the things you’ll be doing though is regular. There’s a lot creativity in this work but at the same time, if you’re highly creative and a flooded mailbox scares you, it might not be the position you’re looking for.

What can we offer?

At first we’d like to offer you a 3-month contract to find out if this works for you and for us. We definately can offer half-time (1/2 – around 1300-1500 zł netto or 3/4 – around 2000-2400 zł netto ) and maybe full time if you already have amazing skills and could contribute in a greater way from the starters. This is a junior position so of course students and non-studyin youth are welcome.

If you decide…

First of all check out our profiles and see if you like what we’re doing:


Secondly send us your:

  • CV and a short introductory message to [email protected]
  • You can attach your portfolio in film, photography, graphic design or any other if you like

I will give feedback to all the messages!

Thanks so much!
Mikołaj Cempla


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