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:humanstories studio is available for hire

Our offer is a transparent and partnership-based collaboration model with long-term orientation. 

Our pricing for 2024

Prices exclude VAT and are subject to change depending on the details of the services requested.

Film and photo production with basic setup

€700 per day
€2800 per week

Graphic design, web design and WordPress development

€500 per day
€2000 per week

Film and video editing, animation

€100-400 per minute of the edited video*

and training

€75 per hour

*In case of simple video processing, particularly longer material, we can charge by the hour of work at the consulting rate.

If you represent a non-profit organization, you may ask for a permanent discount for all services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire by the hour?

No, we only agree to this possibility with clients who have a permanent cooperation contract with us.

Why? A creative field requires time not only to create the work itself, but also to learn about the topic, collect references and inspiration, conceptual work, research… An hourly rate does not necessarily fit into such a process. Therefore, having a small team and taking into account work efficiency, we work on fewer projects, but we put more love into them. 🙂

Can we have a permanent contract?

Yes, we can arrange a tailor-made regular service based on your needs and budget. This way, we can guarantee a monthly package of creative services in a highly competitive price. Contact us for more details.

Where can you travel?

We are happy to work anywhere in the world, however we may charge a relocation fee for the time needed to commute to very remote parts of the world.

How much does the video editing cost finally?

The usual rate for the video editing is 250 Euros per minute of the edited video. However, there are situations in which the cost raises because of the complexity of the project, particularly animations.

What other costs may arise in film/photo production?

  • Travel and accommodation
  • Extended crew members (for more demanding projects)
  • Extra equipment cost
  • Decorations, costumes, make up
  • Shooting location fees and permits

What other costs may arise in design/development?

  • Extra software/content licences
  • Hosting
  • Printing

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